about me


my name is Lucas. I interest about investing and trading on the american markets NYSE and Nasdaq.
I have more than 10 years experience in investing. However, I am small investor. It is my hobby.
I like analysing of IT companies. I like reading a market news. And I like looking for and testing strategies.
For this reason, I have launched all4traders.eu website. I would like to share my experience, opinions and tools with you.
I have to say, that I am not professional investor and trader. My primary job is ICT industry.

Mainly, I have build this website for my personal purpose. I wanted to have all sources on the one place.
Maybe, It could be benefical for you as well. If not, don't criticize, please. 🙂


About my English
As you can see, I am not native speaker. I fight with english all my life. This is a second reason, why I have launched this website. I have to train  english 🙂
I apologize for my english. I hope, it should be better in future.