Crisis portfolio at the time of coronavirus

We saw big black swan in February 2020. Global markets have gone down. More than 10 years we didnt see so big drop. A lot of investors have lost bigger part of money.

How to save our portfolio?

We should relocate part of portfolio to more defense assets.



Here are sectors, which could be profitable at the time of coronavirus.


Look for companies, that produce vaccines. We can expect, that people will take care more about health.

Protective equipment

Same reason like above. We can expect higher demand for protective equipment.


Personal hygiene aids

Fear and panic will be continue after coronavirus spike. After this period people will purchase hygiene aids as well.
It is good oportunity for companies in this sector.


You need to eat everyday. We can expect, that companies from food sector will increase market capital value.



In conclusion I would like to mention above described sector belong between traditional defense assets.

However, if you want to more risk, try IT sector. Especially, eshops, 5G network or virtual reality.




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