Cryptocurrency – tools for better trading

If you interest about cryptocurrency, I will show you some useful websites and tools.

Let’s say, it is directory, where are all cryptocurrencies. There are cryptocurrencies sorted by market capitalization. Of course, there are more detailed information such history, price, charts, market volume, etc.

Very easy, fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange. Except Bitcoin you can buy Litecoin, Ripple, Z-cash.

Do you interest about cryptocurrency trading? Try One of the biggest crypto exchange.

A lot of great features. Ideal tool for analysing markets such as bitcoin, futures, etc. Are you looking for what big players play? Where is the biggist volume? Where are limit price? There is order book for bitcoin market free. Try it!

Giant sell or buy of cryptocurrency will cause big change of price. If you trade cryptocurrency, you need to know about this big transaction.
One of the great tool is called It is live tracking of large crypto transactions from and to exchanges for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

This website get alert about big moves.
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