Penny stock trading

Have you ever heard about penny stocks trading? It is very exciting kind of trading. You can earn a lot of money during short time interval. On the other hand, you can lost huge amount your stack. This trading is not for everyone. However, there are steps how to make money.
Have a look, how to do it.


What are penny stocks?

At first, what is penny stock? Probably, I don’t have to introduce you companies such as Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Disney or Apple. These stocks has huge market capital value.
On the other side are stocks, which has very low market capital value. The most often, these stocks has stock price under 15 dolars.
These stocks are risky, because of several factors. However, higher risk give you bigger profit.
Could you imagine gain more than 50 percent per day? Impossible? Not for penny stocks.


Gurus in penny stocks world

In this arcticle I don’t want to describe penny stocks deeper. Because a lot of articles you can find on the Internet. Here are resources for better penny stock understanding.

One of them is Tim Sykes. This person earned huge money. He will show you, how to turn 12 000 dolars into 5 000 000 dolars. Yes, it looks like marketing promotions, but he offers a lot of articles, where you can read about penny market and strategies. It is really interesting.

Second of them is Ross Cameron. There you can get other information about penny stocks. Yes, he offers paid seminars. But there is a lot free content as well.


In further articles I will describe penny stocks more deeply.


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