sources for traders

Here you can find sources, which you should check if you want to be better trader or investor. News reading is of the part for estimating future trends.

Why should you use I use this website for graph display. It is absolutely the best displaying of graphs. It is easy, fast, well-aranged and free. Do you like technical analysis? Check, In any case, this website offers much more, than graphs. I use for news, conversation and financial profile of companies.

If you looking for stocks screener, you have to try I have never seen better screener. It is well-arranged, easy and free. There is huge amount options. Are you looking for penny stock, blue chips, low P/E, dividend yield? No problem, all is in By the way, you should check maps and insider news as well

It is absolutely the best website for economic, earnings and dividend calendar. All is well-aragned. I use it for alerts. You can set alerts for each stock. You will receive alert message for up/down price, earnings remind, etc. Reminders are very fast. I use this pages as mobile app as well. is broad spectrum website. There are a lot of important news, articles, analysis and opinions. This website is very respected in investor community.

news, charts, opinions, analysis

news, charts, opinions, analysis

news, charts, opinions, analysis

news, charts, opinions, analysis

news, charts, opinions, analysis

news, charts, opinions, analysis is other source of quality information. I check this website every day. Besides latest news you find here stock ideas, investing strategies, etc.

Are you looking for latest news? You should use website. You can check huge amount of latest news here. Additional you can set custom watchlist. It is perfect feature. If you interest about stocks such as Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla or AMD, you should set watchlist on this website

The Washington Service is a leading provider of insider trading data, news, and analytics.

Would you like to know how gurus invest? Do you interest which stocks bought or sold Warren Buffet or Bill Gates? Their portfolio you can check on the on Moreover there are forum, screeners and insiders tools as well.

In my opinion, the best website for long term investors. There are a lot of economic data, fundamental information, interest rates, exchange rates or global metrics. All is displayed in charts. The biggist advantage are historical data such as P/E ratio and etc.

Reuters is the largest news provider. This company provides trusted business, financial, national and international news.

There are live market analysis. Moreover, there is "page one" with main event of day. Stock update page is interesting too.

Absolutely perfect tool for trader. There are a lot of type of widgets. For example Ticker tape, technical analysis, market overview widget, etc. Significant partners use tradingview tools such as,,,,, etc. Moreover, there is chat room with good trafic.

Discover the most hyped stocks on Twitter. Gambiste rates the volume of tweets on a list of US listed stocks with a proprietary algorithm.

Do you want to know the behavior of retail traders? The popular trading platform offers easy access to market. On the you can watch sentiment of retail traders. It could help you, if you interest about penny stock. Retail traders want to fast and easy profit. Thefore they invest to stocks under 15 dollars.