Why to use Twitter for trading analysis?

In my opinion, there are many reason why to use Twitter for trading. Of course, you can check a lot of news websites on the internet. However, if you want to take  fresh news almost immediately, you should to use Twitter. At this site you can find very important information about market or stocks.


How to find all about particular stock?

One of the best feature on Twitter is sorting. If you want to find all news about particular stock, put to search window character $.

Example: You want to know all news about Microsoft.
Insert to search windows this syntax:


Listed results you can sort by popularity, latest news, etc.
This procedure I use either daily analysis before open market or for scanning latest news during my market position.


How to find all about latest market news?

It is almost same procedure as above. Try to find financial twitts according to this synstax:


Results can bring you valuable information about markets.


The best Twitter accounts to follow

Each expert has twitter account. You can follow economists, traders, investors, advisors, etc. However, there is one account, that you have to follow.

It is Donald Trump account.


What are the most hyped stock on Twitter?

The most hyped stocks are very volatile. And very volatile stocks does big move up or down.
My daily routine contains check of the most frequently topic on twitter.
For this I use perfect tool, that you can find on


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